The social app for the world around you

Beta-Version 1.0


ConnectZ brings you together with the world around you.
Meet new people, find the next party, get help building a shelf or sell your iPhone. Our own focus will be on sustainability and connecting you with you local network.

Discover people and the world around you.

The App

connectZ is the social network for your surrounding. You want to know where the next party is? You need sugar for backing a cake? You want to sell your old Tennis equipment? You’re on vacation and you don’t know the city and the people? We also want to help people, making sustainable choices. So we work together with companies to avoid food waste and to encourage people using e-cars.

With conenctZ you get in touch with the people around you. Tell them what you want and get it.


We help people connect!

We are strongly committed to support and create a strong global impact on social topics like changing to e-cars and decreasing food waste.

We want to support the change of the world towards being more sustainable. We are doing this by providing a social network with location based focus for people and businesses who want to make sustainable choices, and take own responsibility for making a change in their every day life. Using the connectZ app will also help the user to connect with people and businesses. We also want our users to see this not only as a way to find like-minded people around them, but also to realize that the use of our mobile app is a life-style statement at the same time.


The creation of a social network, that encourages real life meetings in the spirit of sustainability. Creating a global social impact.


We need:

App Developer

Angular 4, Ionic 3, Meteor and Docker would be the most important! Skilled in developing with HTML, Typescript and sass as well! Interested? Please write us!

Promotion personnel

You want to help us spreading our vision of bringing the people together again? Become a member of our promotion team and hand out flyers! Interested? Please write us!